This Australian Group Turned A GM LS1 V8 Into A Custom V12

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We'd love to drive a car with this incredible engine.

Engine swaps are nothing new. One of the most common engines to use in a swap is GM's LS1 that was found in models like the Corvette and Camaro. This engine is small, light, and most importantly, fits into most engine bays. Swapping an LS motor into a car is a bit played out, but the folks over at V12LS decided that they could build an interesting take on the LS motor. This Australian firm has created a masterpiece: an LS that converted into a V12.

GM may have made some of best V8 engines around, but a V12 is truly something special. V12LS has taken two LS1 V8s, and combined them to create a V12 that displaces 580 cubic inches (that's 9.0-liters). Amazingly, this creation still uses the stock internals from the LS1.

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This engine was first shown off at last year's SEMA show in a 1967 Camaro that was built by Quality Custom Rides. V12LS will now sell a production version of this engine for $35,000 including delivery. Unlike the prototype, the V12 is not made from two separate LS blocks, but is instead built from a single block of either aluminum or iron. The V12 can be ordered in two stages of tune. The Stage 1 produces 600 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque. Stage 2 bumps output up to 717 hp and 650 lb-ft. The company is also planing a Stage 3 kit, which could crank the output up to 1,000 hp with the use of LS7 heads.

The company is also reportedly working on developing an engine with forced induction, which should be an absolute monster. It is nice to see a small firm work on developing a V12 engine. Many bigger automakers are shying away from 12-cylinder powerplants because of their poor fuel consumption. It's good to know that Australia still knows how to have a good laugh.

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