This Australian Guy Turned An Ariel Atom Into A Hypercar In His Shed


And it has a 1:1 power to weight ratio.

Sometimes settling for what you can buy stock isn’t good enough. And if you have the time, money, and mechanical talent, nearly anything is possible in order to build your ideal car. Meet Jeff David. He’s Australian and he built his very own hypercar, the Quantum GP700, in his shed. He also has the best wife because she agreed to support the family full-time for two years while David built his car. It was more than a full-time job. It was an obsession, an up at 5:30 am till 7 pm work day, seven days a week. David claims he put in around 1,800 working hours.

Beginning with a stock Ariel Atom, David completely dismantled it and started from scratch. Every body panel was replaced with new ones made from his own carbon fiber-Kevlar creation. The suspension alone has been a 30-year long project in the making. The front wing is hand fabricated with a design based on a Formula 3 wing.

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Even the steering wheel is custom made. The engine is also mostly bespoke and while it started off with 300 hp in the Ariel, it now produces an astonishing 700 hp. Speaking of which, 700 stands for both its output and weight of 700 kg, or 1,543 pounds. In kilograms, therefore, the GP700 has a one-to-one power-to-weight ratio. With an estimated value of $700,000, David is adamant he won’t sell his creation, but he may be willing to build another one for a paying customer.