This Automaker Is Starting A New Luxury Brand To Battle Germany's Best

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We think it's the right call.

Hyundai is so serious about getting into the luxury segment that it is launching a new Genesis. If that names sounds familiar it's because the automaker already has a Genesis model out. In fact, that's one of two Genesis sedans that will be rolled out, the other being the Equus. Those names won't be around long, though, as Hyundai is planing a letter-number naming system similar to what Infiniti has going on. The letter "G" will be followed by a number representing the segment: 70, 80, 90 etc...

A total of six models are planned by 2020. New models include a sports coupe, mid-size SUV, a mid-size sedan and a large SUV. The Genesis brand will be sold at existing Hyundai dealerships but will be branded with the wing emblem seen on the current Genesis. Buyers will also get a different shopping experience, since they're in the luxury segment and all. The move is a big one and comes hot on the heels of Hyundai launching its performance line, N. We weren't too hot on N but do think this is the right move for Hyundai. Simply put, no one thinks of the Korean automaker when talking luxury cars. As such the company will never get anyone to pay top dollar for its upscale products so long as they have the Hyundai nameplate.

Asking $60,000 for a Hyundai Equus is a hard sell given the automaker's economy image. We love the idea but according to Reuters, some US higher-ups are wary of it. One anonymous source close to the company went so far as to say that US execs were worried that Hyundai hadn't "thoroughly thought through the move" and that "some are not very happy." Well, happy or not Genesis is happening so they'd better prepare themselves to answer questions such as "How exactly is this car better than a BMW 3 Series?"

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