This Automaker's CEO Resigned Because His Wife Said So


It's a bit more complex than that but that's the gist.

It seems nowadays there's a never-ending supply of bad news coming out of Volkswagen. Winfried Vahland, who was promoted to CEO of Volkswagen Group's North American Region two weeks ago, has resigned with no successor. Even though he has over 25 years of experience Vahland clashed with VW's change in North American strategy. The company is switching to diesel motors using Selective Catalytic Reduction technology and its AdBlue technology. VW is also switching focus from diesel to EVs.

Vahland said that his reason for leaving is "expressly not related to current events on the issue of diesel engines." Okay, a tiff over a difference in strategy makes sense but was there anything else that caused this abrupt resignation? According to Automotive News Christiaan Hetzner, two inside sources claim that Vahland quit his job because his wife didn't want to move to the United States. Apparently the couple spent the last 25 years moving around and Mrs. Vahland said that if her husband moved to Virginia (where VW's US headquarters are) he'd move alone. Finally, one part of this whole ordeal makes sense.


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