Autonomous Car

This Autonomous Car From 1971 Is Just As Good As Anything From Google

Hard to believe that this was driving by itself back in 1971.

Autonomous carsare the new rage. Automakers and even states are spending thousands ofdollars to make drivers obsolete, as self-driving vehicles are the future. Whileit surprised us, there just happened to be a self-driving vehicle back in 1971.How crazy is that? This specificdriverless vehicle was created by the British Road Research Laboratory and wasable to drive on its own through “electronic impulses relayed to the carthrough a special receiving unit affixed to the front.”

At the time, researcherspredicted that autonomous vehicles would be making drivers irrelevant by theyear 2000. Seems like their predictions were a little off. Watch the videobelow, then head out to your car and enjoy driving while you still can.

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