This AWD Nissan 240SX Is Quicker Than A Rimac Nevera

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All-wheel drive means it's an absolute rocket off the line.

A common swop for the S14 Nissan 240SX is the iconic 2JZ-GTE originally found in the A80 Toyota Supra. This engine has often found itself in both drift and drag racing applications, often with four-figure horsepower ratings as the result. The example you see today is no different, producing 1,200 horsepower.

What is different about this otherwise common swap is that the power doesn't go to the rear wheels alone. To be able to launch hard and launch anywhere, it's been converted to AWD with spectacular results this particular 1997 model can hit 60 mph in a time of just 1.4 seconds. That means that, theoretically, the old Nissan could out-launch the Rimac Nevera.

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Amazingly, the 240SX, owned by Alb maintains its standard rear differential but this is supported by a full 4x4 system. Alberth says that this conversion was a logical decision because of the all-wheel-drive trend currently being set by the Nissan GT-R but he doesn't give any details into the secrets of this conversion, sadly.

Since high-horsepower 2JZ swaps are a dime a dozen, spilling the beans on the engine's specifications doesn't bother him. His output was achieved with the help of upgraded pistons and conrods, a new intake manifold, beefier injectors, and, of course, an enormous Precision turbocharger.

The engine control unit was mapped by Alberth himself. He has the experience to do so because he owns ADTurbo, located in Miami, Florida.

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The owner says that thanks to his setup, the custom 240SX can be launched pretty much anywhere and achieve good times, partially thanks to the three-speed TH400 gearbox. He's spent just over a year putting the pieces together and admits that it has been a journey. But with a rear bias that lights the rear tires up even when rolling, the work has certainly been worthwhile just for the smiles it generates.

This isn't Alberth's first rodeo with a heavily modified car. He states that previous projects include a 2JZ-powered Honda S2000 which evolved into a track car that can complete a quarter-mile run of about seven seconds. With his current focus being on the 240SX, the S2000 rests in his garage as a personal trophy. We'd be satisfied with just one completed project car.

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