This Awesome Dodge Viper Farewell Is Crazy

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A 645-HP Viper ACR. Empty roads. Do the math.

So we all know the Dodge Viper is about to be retired. Again. Dodge claims it's for real this time, but who knows what could happen at some point down the road? Now that the new Dodge Challenger SRT Demon has arrived, it's pretty clear the automaker has a new halo car, and the Viper is simply no longer needed. That said, Pennzoil, and God bless it, has produced what will be the best two minutes and forty-three seconds of your day, or quite possibly your week. We say that with the utmost confidence.

This isn't the first time Pennzoil has dabbled with video car porn. Many of you probably recall the Challenger Hellcat video from a couple of years ago, right around the time when the world went all Hellcat nuts.

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Whoever Pennzoil hires to make these videos deserves an award of some sort because this Viper ACR, all 645 hp of it, looks so filthy awesome doing its thing, exhaust flames and all. This might just be the best, most perfect farewell for the Dodge Viper, and we're sad to see it leave the party. Make sure to stick around till the end of the video because a surprise awaits.

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