This Awesome Hot-Hatch Proves That Limited Edition Cars Are Dumb


It's already sold out in the UK.

People in the US aren't very familiar with the Leon. It's made by Volkswagen's Spanish brand Seat, and is basically a rebadged Golf. That said, in many ways the Leon is actually better than its VW sibling. For instance, the Leon Cupra ST is a 276 hp wagon that is nearly as fast around the Nurburgring as an AMG Mercedes. Seat recently released an even more hardcore, limited edition, model called the Leon Cupra R. Unfortunately, Autocar reports that the Cupra R is already sold out in the UK.

The Leon Cupra R is a seriously impressive hatchback. The car is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo with 306 hp going out to the front wheels through a six-speed manual transmission. Not only is this car powerful, it's rare too. Seat is only building 799 units, priced from £34,995 in the UK. For reference, the Honda Civic Type R starts at £30,995. Only 24 examples of the Cupra R are slated for sale in the UK, and all of them have been sold already. This perfectly illustrates our belief that limited edition cars are pointless. The Leon Cupra R is a halo car for the Seat brand, but only 24 people in the UK will ever get to experience it.

We wish that we could pinpoint the moment that "collector cars" shifted from historic models that have stood the test of time, to limited-run versions of modern cars. Cars are a commodity that manufacturers sell in order to make a profit. Limited edition cars make sense for supercar manufacturers like Ferrari and McLaren, because they help bring prestige to the brand and create even more demand. On hatchbacks like this, all they do is keep away the buyers who want something cool that is actually affordable. We think that manufacturers need to stop with these limited edition cars and just sell as many cars as they can, instead of trying to turn every new model into a collector's item.


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