This Awesome Maniac Used His Ford Focus RS As A Snowplow In Iceland

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That's one way to clear a path after a monster winter storm.

The Ford Focus RS is many things. Snowplow is not one them. Or is it? YouTuber Daniel Ivanovics of Reykjavik, Iceland, showed off an alternative use for the American hot hatch after a storm dumped a pile of snow on the island nation. Here we see the Focus RS plowing through a parking lot covered in snow. But this isn't just any old snow-covered parking lot. According to the video description Ivanovics took his Focus RS out a day after Reykjavik recorded its single largest February snowfall since 1937.

Also, this Focus RS was just delivered three days before the snow storm. Talk about earning your stripes. Before you hit play, be advised that there's language in the video that your boss may not like and your kids desire to learn.

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Ford's hot hatch comes with a suite of selectable driving modes, none of which are programmed specifically for snow and ice. There is all-wheel drive to improve traction in wintry conditions and a set of winter tires straight from the factory are available. Still…look at all that snow! The front end of the Focus RS is almost completely covered yet the hatchback just keeps plowing right on through. We don't advise the use of a Ford Focus RS as a snowplow. That being said, it's impossible to scold anyone who chooses to do so. After all, the results speak for themselves.


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