This Baby Nissan GT-R Convertible Is Sensational

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Who knew something so cute could look so angry?

Love them or hate them, you've probably seen the results of Liberty Walk's car conversions. The company builds some truly overt widebody kits for the likes of the Lamborghini Huracan, the A90 Toyota Supra, and even America's favorite pony car, the Mustang. However, the car that seems to get the most attention from Liberty Walk's clients is the Nissan GT-R. But what if a GT-R is out of reach? Better still, what if you want a daily driver to complement your widened R35? Liberty Walk has an answer for that too, and it's a conversion for the humble Daihatsu Copen. We've seen the digital representation of this conversion some time ago, but this is a real-life build and it's awesome.

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The diminutive roadster now looks like an R35 from the front and features LBW's trademark bolt-on fender flares to give it a wider track and better stance. Speaking of the stance that wheel gap - or lack thereof - indicates that the Copen is now fitted with an air suspension system, while a massive reverse-mounted rear wing adds as much aggression as a little Kei car like this can possibly muster. Other details include the vinyl wrap with its rather unhealthy cigarette branding. Advan wheels wrapped in Yokohama tires complete the look.

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Do you like the finished product? Whether you do or not, Liberty Walk loves to grab the spotlight and its employees probably couldn't care less about public opinion as long as there are those wacky individuals out there willing to chop up the body of their cars in the name of building something unique. While these kits have skyrocketed in popularity among some car enthusiasts, we can't help but wonder what the point of an aggressive kit like this is on a car that produces just 63 horsepower and 68 lb-ft of torque. Then again, customization is all about personalizing something to your specific tastes, and if someone likes the idea of a mini-GT-R, who are we to judge them?

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