This Baby 'Owns' a Bugatti Veyron

Kid, born with a silver spoon in his mouth, takes the time out from his demanding schedule to sit behind the wheel of "his" Veyron.

Some people are given an extra boost in life by being born rich. It’s not fair but that’s just the way the world works. So what kind of toys does a rich baby own? It turns out they could be the same things owned by rich adults. An example? The Bugatti Veyron. Now, what you’re about to see in the following video may not be completely accurate, but the man who may or may not be this baby’s father stated that this young kid is the "owner of the Bugatti." This seems innocent enough and the actual likelihood that this kid really does own the car isn’t very high.

Still, anything’s possible. What’s hard to take, however, is the fact that this kid is privileged enough to get the chance to sit in a Veyron, yet doesn’t have a clue what the car is capable of. Cute or crass? You decide.

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