This Backwards E30 Engine Swapped BMW Sounds Like Pure Magic

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Someone stuck an E30 M3 engine in an E90 to create a masterpiece.

We've seen plenty of cool engines swaps involving BMW cars. Some of the coolest examples include a 3 Series wagon with an S85 V10 from the E60 M5 and a Z4 with the 8.4-liter V10 from a Dodge Viper. Usually these engine swaps involve taking an engine from a new car and swapping it into something older. That is why this E90 BMW from Cencini Sport Cars Garage is so special. This incredible E90 M3 WTTC racer actually uses a 2.3-liter four-cylinder from an older E30 M3 DTM race car.

The car was filmed driving around Imola and is claimed to have an engine producing 320 hp at 8.200 rpm. Just wait until you hear how incredible this race car sounds. We may go so far as to say that this engine sounds better than the E90 M3's S65 V8.

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This engine may not be as powerful as some modern M cars, but we'll take light and rev-happy over heavy and overpowered any day. This BMW is so unique because it introduces an engine swap that we don't usually see. Perhaps more people will experiment with swapping an older engine into a newer model.

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