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This Badass Woman Took Back Her Stolen Toyota 4Runner

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She went full amateur detective for 48 hours and caught the bad guys.

It's an epic story of the internet age. Missouri resident Danielle Reno jumped out of her Toyota 4Runner for a few moments and when she came back, it was gone. According to the news report from KCTV in Kansas City, the thieves had gotten away with not just her car, but also her cellphone, cash and credit cards. She reported it to police, but instead of leaving it at that, she went full Veronica Mars by tracking her cellphone and any debit card purchases made using her cards for the next 48 hours in order to catch up with the criminals.

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When Reno went to a gas station the car thieves had used, she hit pay dirt when the attendant remembered that the car thieves said they were going to Applebees. Reno then went to the closest Applebees restaurant and had just gotten something to drink when the woman she recognized from gas station's video footage walked in. Reno kept her cool and, instead of confronting the thieves, slipped out and stole her car back. As she was doing so, she took the opportunity to live stream it on Facebook, saying, "Oh my gosh, before I call the cops I wanted to show you all what we just found, by doing our own stalking. At Applebees, my hearts racing."

Of course, that's not necessarily the smartest way to approach the situation but, on the other hand, it's impossible not to cheer for Reno getting one over on the people that had ruined her week and, as it turned out, ruined her 4Runner. She even went back and got footage of the woman being arrested, still holding Reno's wallet and keys in her hand.

Unfortunately, Reno's 4Runner was trashed to the point she's not willing to drive it. She says that it absolutely stinks and, "Look at my back seat. Beer in my back seat. There's stuff on the car seat. There's stuff on the [baby] seat. It's just gross." Still, she got the satisfaction of being the thieves' downfall and publicly shaming them, as well as showing exactly what can happen if you steal from the wrong person.