Drag Race

This Beetle Cabrio is Like Herbie on Roids

It may have a reputation for being a girly hippie car, but this outfitted VW Bug is a real dragstrip wonder.

When you think of a dragster, the original Volkswagen Beetle is hardly the car that comes to mind. But in the case of this old yet hardly broken Beetle Cabrio, it can reportedly do the quarter mile in just 8.9 seconds at 150 mph. Its exact specs aren’t available, but some are estimating that this thing produces around 700 horsepower thanks to some turbos being added to its normally measly 2.3-liter engine. Other dragster mods include a rear wheelie bar as well as a parachute (seriously).

It sounds great and just watching it blast its way down the asphalt is a wonderful combination of hilarity (remember it's a Beetle) and awesomeness.

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