This Bentley Continental V8 S Is Racing WHAT In The Desert?

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This seems like something straight out of "Forza Horizon 2."

Bentley, the company that calls itself "the most sought after luxury car brand in the world," just celebrated the 85th anniversary of a legendary race in the most epic fashion. What sets this race apart from others? For starters, it was inspired by a Bentley train race that happened way back in 1930. The "Blue Train" run went from Calais, France, all the way to Cannes (also France) and was won as you'd expect by the Bentley. This baby blue Continental convertible just completed a similar race, albeit one in the heart of the Arabian Peninsula.

It ran 298 miles and took place in Saudi Arabia, starting at Riyadh and ending at Dammam near the Arabian Gulf. The British automaker called up Steven Kane, a driver for Bentley's Team M-Sport, to race Saudi Arabia's only desert passenger train. Kane beat the train by six minutes, so history does repeat itself. This result is shockingly close to the 1930 one which was won by Bentley with just four minutes to spare. Yeah, this is a silly stunt but it's kind of fun when you think about how one of the world's biggest names in luxury cars is seriously racing trains in the desert. Don't ever change, Bentley.

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