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This Bentley Dealer Has A Great Way To Celebrate 25 Years In Business

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With three lovely special editions.

Like most ultra-luxury automakers, Bentley offers no shortage of special edition models to pique the interest of wealthy buyers who want to stand out amongst their wealthy friends. This way, Bentley owners can tell their golf partner that their car is "the is Continental GT Convertible Bavaria Edition with a Bavarian flag embroidered into the headrests." Then, when the friend gets back into their "normal" Bentley, they'll be reminded of who's stock portfolio performed better last year.

Bentley keeps pumping out special edition models and the latest trio comes from one of the automaker's most successful dealerships. When a dealership is extremely successful, it is often allowed to commission special projects from the factory, as we saw with the recent Rolls-Royce Miami Collection. To celebrate 25 years in business, Bentley Manchester has commissioned three special edition models called The Silver Sisters.

The bespoke trio consists of a Bentayga, Continental GT and GT Convertible, all finished in an identical specification and painted in a unique shade of Silver Stratos. It takes a lot to get us interested in a silver car, but this paint looks fantastic. All three cars were assembled by Bentley's coachbuilding division, Mulliner, which worked with the dealership to create the unique specification. Silver Stratos has only been used three times since its creation back in 1997 and is patented by Bentley Manchester. So if you'd like to have your Bentley painted in this lovely shade, tough luck.

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In addition to the special paint, all three cars feature black chrome trim along with a carbon fiber splitter, sill extensions, and rear diffuser. The interior is filled with Beluga leather with Stratos Silver accents and stitching to match the exterior color. A '25' logo has also been stitched into the headrests and appears on the Grand Black veneer fascias and door sills. All three cars ride on 22-inch wheels with gloss-black brake calipers.

"We are delighted that Bentley Manchester is celebrating its 25th birthday with such a beautiful trio of bespoke cars, especially in the same year that Bentley celebrates its centenary. They are one of 17 successful retailers in the UK, and their talents in imagining stunning specifications have been matched by the skills of the Mulliner team to create this unique line-up. We're very much looking forward to the next 25 years of working together."