This Blinged-Out Porsche Panamera Is Too Shiny To Drive


According to the German police.

Sometimes exotic car owners go too far with the desire to show off their fancy rides. Take this Porsche Panamera owner, for example. According to the Associated Press, its 31-year-old driver was stopped in the city of Hamburg, Germany last week by police because its gold foil wrap was too shiny. The concern is that it might blind other drivers and therefore cause road accidents.

Now, here's where the story becomes even more entertaining. The owner was stopped before by police for this very same reason. He was told to remove the gold foil but clearly didn't. He continued to drive the car around town until he was pulled over again.

This time, however, the police took his keys, papers and license plate, and had the Panamera towed to the impound lot. Not only will the owner have to remove the gold foil in order for the Porsche to be road legal again but he must also now pay an unspecified fine. German police must have been on the lookout for cars with gold foil because a Lamborghini owner was also nabbed at around the same time as the Porsche's driver.

Obviously, gold foil wraps are nothing new, evidenced by just a few other examples we've collected for you. Bentleys, BMWs, Ferraris, and at least one Honda Civic Type R have received this same and apparently too shiny body treatment.

Question is, will this act by the Hamburg police start a new precedent not only in Germany but elsewhere, too? After all, too shiny is too shiny no matter where you're at on earth. Gold foil wrap jobs are definitely not the only ones that could be considered as "too shiny." Just look what Justin Bieber did to that old Fisker Karma of his a few years ago. It was blinged out in that ridiculous (and shiny) chrome finish. Chances are it blinded a few incoming drivers in the bright California sun. Was his car confiscated? Unfortunately not.

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