This BMW 1-Series Crash Looks Like Wall Art

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How perfect does this crash look?

When a driver crashed through the wall of a factory in Banbury, Oxfordshire, UK, earlier this week he was lucky enough to escape injuries while simultaneously creating street art using his BMW 1 Series that Banksy himself would be proud of. According to the Banbury Guardian, firefighters were alerted to the accident and were faced with half of the Bimmer sticking out of the wall. The driver was already being treated by the ambulance service by the time they had arrived, and thankfully neither he nor anyone inside the factory suffered from injury.

Despite crashing into the wall, it appears that the BMW only suffered slight damage to the front end. The airbags were also deployed. There's no word on how or why the driver lost control of his ride. "When we arrived the powerful BMW was embedded in the wall of the factory, our immediate concerns were for the driver of the car and the workers inside of the factory. Once we were assured that everyone was in safe hands we focused on the stability of the building structure. Our colleagues in the district council have specially trained building surveyors that can give advice on the safety of the building," said station manager, Mark Ames.

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