This BMW 100th Birthday Video Will Make You Appreciate The Ultimate Driving Machine Even More

A few douchey owners aside.

One hundred years is a long time, but it’s an utter eternity for automakers. Just think for a moment how many automakers were born in the 20th century. There were many but only a select few are still around today. BMW is one of them. From the ashes of World War II to today’s i8, BMW has an incredibly history of performance cars built specifically for the driving enthusiast. It really wasn’t until the mid-to-late 1980s that BMW really delved into the luxury market in an effort to take on Mercedes-Benz.

Just look at where it is today, at the very forefront of both luxury and advanced technologies. And, of course, it’s never forgotten its racing and performance heritage. Along with yesterday’s reveal of the Vision Next 100 Concept, DriveMag has put together this short recap of BMW’s first 100 years.

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