This BMW i8 Was Just Sold For $100,000 Over Asking Price


High demand will always raise prices.

Walk into any BMW dealership and inquire about an i8, and you'll quickly learn the base price hovers around $135,000. You'd be damn lucky to pay anywhere near that these days because demand for the i8 hybrid sports car is ridiculously high. It's become one of the most desired cars on the market. But just in case you are a serious buyer and money really isn't so much of a problem, what would your new i8 budget have to be? According to a new report, an i8 just sold for $247,450 at a BMW dealership in Southern California.

Yes, that is $100,000 over its sticker price. Nevertheless, somebody had no issue paying that "market adjustment" figure. At the same time, i8s are proving to be a pretty solid investment. An earlier report claimed that i8s actually gain 50 percent value once driven off the lot. If whoever paid the $247k ever wanted to sell the car at a profit one day, finding a buyer likely won't be much of a problem.

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