This BMW Is Absolutely Worth $105,000 And Here's Why

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Is this the most tastefully modded classic BMW of all time?

Craigslist is usually the ultimate source for weird-as-hell used cars that you couldn't find anywhere else. Sometimes, however, eBay comes through and shows us insanely modified (and sometimes insanely odd) performance machines even more impressive and unique than the ones for sale on your local CL. If you're a gearhead who's bold enough to consider buying a car from eBay, chances are you'd probably be interested in the strange, sometimes extraordinary, modded cars available.

Just like the Mercedes 190 E 2.5-16 Evolution II we saw for sale last summer, the 1972 BMW 2002 Twin Turbo in question is evidence that eBay still offers some iconic (if not affordable) German brutes. Unlike the $700,000 Mercedes or this fake $400,000 Ferrari, this Bimmer is actually worth its asking price of $105,000. Why? The 2002 is already an exciting classic, but the owner has coaxed out 335 horses on this example. With a nearly perfect 51/49 weight distribution, this classic BMW is pushed along by a 3.0-liter DOHC straight-six. This eBay listing, which was sadly taken down just a few days after its debut, reveals that the above engine is also powered by two turbochargers. This German heavyweight has more than just a touch of modernity.

Contemporary performance is achieved by using direct fuel injection, a carbon fiber intake manifold, a Bosch fuel pump, a Getrag 265 5-speed transmission, a power rack and pinion steering system, a rear axle that's been plucked right from an M5, and a custom exhaust system. For many car enthusiasts, however, its also important to treat a classic car like the BMW 2002 with due respect by not changing out too many components that were original to the car.It's with this in mind that the owner has opted to keep the car's interior components and mechanical underpinnings as close to OEM spec as possible while still making this car a modern track star. It's hard to believe this whole build started out as a just a humble 200ti.

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