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This BMW M4 ’Germany Lee’ Is Confused About Where It Was Built

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Can you still represent the South in a German car?

There are a few prerequisites that a car has to meet in order to be a real Dukes of Hazard fan-approved ride. First off, it has to be powerful. Next, it has to feature an orange paint job, 01 sticker on the doors, and a confederate flag as part of the design. And third, if it isn't a Dodge Challenger, it at least has to be American. By that standard, this BMW M4 is certainly not a General Lee, but its owner is perfectly okay with that. Instead, it's dubbed the "Germany Lee."

That flag on the roof makes it look like it came straight from a BMW dealership in Georgia rather than a factory where workers eat schnitzel on break. Whether you call it legit or not, at least make sure not to say anything negative about it too loudly because it has the bite to back up the tough talk.

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And by that we're not referencing the custom horn installed to mimic the sound of the horn on the Duke's Challenger. We're talking about that custom Milltek exhaust system that more than makes up for an exhaust note that lacks two cylinders, all while the turbochargers pick up the slack in the horsepower department. Other custom bits include some M Performance carbon bits and 20-inch concave Z-Performance wheels that only make the Bimmer stand out more. And then there's the fact that it's playing a role usually reserved for an American muscle car, making it more of a rebel. Add that to the list of similarities it has to the real General Lee.