This BMW M5's V10 Has 560 HP

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A British tuning firm has managed to get additional horsepower out of the E60 M5's V10 engine.

Before the time of increased global government regulations regarding fuel emissions, automakers like BMW didn't see the need to hold back the power output for models like the previous-gen M3 and M5. But now the era of downsizing and turbocharging has officially begun to achieve horsepower and it's highly doubtful that high-revving, naturally-aspirated engines will return to mainstream high-performance cars. Fortunately, a UK-based tuning company by the name of Evolve is still focused on those naturally-aspirated wonders.

The BMW specialist tuner has taken an E60 M5 and completed an ECU remap which resulted in a power boost from 490 to 560 ponies from its 5.0-liter V10 engine.

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