This BMW M5 Sounds Like Its Possessed By Demons

Turbochargers just don't sound like this.

The E60 generation M5 might go down as the best sounding BMW of all time. The 5.0-liter S85 V10 sounded reminiscent of a Formula 1 engine even with a stock exhaust. We have seen how impressive the exhaust note on this M5 was, but what happens when you fit a Dinan stroker? It is not specified in the video which Dinan package this M5 had, but it is safe to assume that the 5.0-liter V10 has been increased to 5.8 liters by Dinan with a power increase to 611 hp and 468 lb-ft. This is probably the most power this engine can make without adding a turbo.

The newer F10 M5 is turbocharged and would likely be faster, but you just can't match the sound that this legendary V10 makes. Considering that you can pick one of these cars up for less that $30,000, it might be the best sound-per dollar car out there.

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