This BMW M6 Costs How Much in China?!

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Because Communism is turning out to be an expensive thing.

We all know by now that foreign-built cars cost an insane amount of money in China. The Communist government doesn't really like cars that are produced outside of its borders. But there are still plenty of wealthy Chinese willing to pay those ridiculous price premiums in order to get what they want. As part of the Year of the Horse, according to the Chinese lunar calendar, BMW will soon start selling limited editions of its M-model sedans in China in the very near future.

Unique versions of the 3 and 7 Series will also go on sale. However, there's one particular M-model that's attracting some attention. BMW will be offering just six units of M6 Gran Coupe Horse Edition for the bat shit insane price of 2.77 million yuan, or $458,000 a pop. So what does this special "Horse" edition get buyers? BMW has added the Competition Package and embroidered horse logos on the seats. That's it. Still too much for your budget? BMW will also offer 30 M5 Horse editions as well for a "bargain" price of 1.98 million yuan. That's $327,000. Welcome to China, everyone.

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