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This BMW M850i Is Unlike Any Other

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One thing is for certain: it's totally unique.

It's not uncommon to see performance-oriented BMWs – M or M Performance cars especially – wearing stripes. Multicolored stripes, even, in the marque's signature motorsport motif of red, light blue, and purple. But this M850i, as you can see, is wearing a very different set of stripes.

In celebration of the New York Pride Parade, BMW had American designer Jonathan Adler decorate this 8 Series convertible in a special rainbow-stripe livery. And while it may not be everyone's proverbial cup of tea, we'd all have to admit that it's been executed rather splendidly.

Rather than simply running straight up the hood or along the quarter panels (as others have), the stripes visually emanate from the side vents, "flowing" along the flanks and swirling over the rear wheel arches. Another set pours from the base of the windshield to form a large heart on the hood. The same rainbow pattern engulfs the deck-lid, and bridges the rear bumper between the brake vents.

There's a checkerboard pattern as well on the mirror caps, the rear deck, and inside the heart on the hood. And the headlights are rainbow-tinted as well, just to drive the point home, so to speak.

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The motif contrasts nicely with the white paint and the open red interior. But we'd be surprised if the special treatment weren't entirely reversible, with removable decals. This is, after all, a $120k+ piece of machinery, and BMW might have a little trouble moving one with such an unusual appearance – outside, at least, of a select clientele, to which it might very well auction it off to raise money for a charitable cause.

Whatever flag it's flying, the M850i packs a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8, kicking out driving 523 horsepower to dispatch the 0-60 sprint in all of 3.8 seconds with the wind in your hair.