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This BMW Z4 Wagon Needs To Become A Reality

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In fact, we think that every sporty BMW model should be offered in this Shooting Brake body style

BMW recently introduced the latest Z4 and while it is a stunning design we have had to come to terms with the fact that there will be no manual derivative (for now) or a full-fat M version either. Ok, so the US-spec M40i makes 385 horsepower (which is more than the Europeans get) and is as quick as an M2 around the Nurburgring but how hard could it be to offer a hardtop variant as in the original Z3 and Z4 M Coupes?

Those curiously-shaped limited-edition models have now become modern classics and while we have already seen one render of what the new Z4 would look like with a hardtop, visual artist Rain Prisk has released a rendering of what he thinks a shooting-brake style Z4 should look like.

We think it would make for the ideal low-production run Z4. Even without an M model in the range, a Z4 M40i Coupe would be so very cool. Those early Z3s and Z4s could also be had in coupe trim without M engines so the formula definitely works.

The platform-sharing Toyota Supra is already a coupe-only offering so the modifications to the Z4 should require very minimal outlay, although perhaps the need to differentiate these two models from one another is the reason why BMW is reluctant to go this route.

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Rain Prisk has turned his hand to converting other BMW models into shooting brake body styles too, most notably the M2 which we think looks pretty cool with its mini wagon rear end.

The BMW i8 on the other hand, should be put into production immediately, its love-it-or-hate-it looks are just what made the original Z3 M Coupe so popular and supercar fans clearly like the idea judging by the popularity of the Ferrari FF and GTC4 Lusso. Come on BMW, make it happen.