This Bonkers BMW M9 Rendering Will Cause Envy Or Blindness


Is it beautiful or a hunk of metal with warts?

It is said beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In this case it's in the eye of the rendering artist and people such as you. Rumors of a potential BMW M9 have been floating around for years, as have those about any other BMW supercar with an M badge and a number. Word is that some new M car is planned in the semi-near future but BMW is remaining dead silent on the issue. So that leaves plenty of room for speculation and…renderings. This latest M supercar possibility has been dubbed the M9.

It's an extremely aggressive design that'll probably draw love or hate it reactions and little middle ground. Thoughts everyone? Should something like this be in BMW M's future? Or is it best left to the imagination of its creator?

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