Parking Spaces In Boston Cost As Much As A New Rolls-Royce

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Property prices are really getting out of hand!

As late-stage capitalism squeezes the final few breaths out of the lungs of the proletariat, strange phenomena are occurring across the globe: rich people are parading around in ballroom gowns that cost more than a Honda Civic, telling people to "tax the rich", while others gold-plate perfectly good Lamborghinis. The question everyone keeps asking is simple: why? And the answer even more so: "because we can afford it". This is exactly the type of mindset the rich use to justify paying exorbitant amounts of money for parking spaces across the capitals of the world. Parking has never been a fun concept, and the thought of having to pay to park your car will always be as unpopular as punching a baby, yet here we are. Now, there's a new spot up for grabs that costs more than a supercar.

Campion And Company

In recent East Coast news, a parking space has been listed for $375,000. Yes, that's right. $375,000. For those in the know, this shouldn't come as a major shock, as real-estate in the more affluent areas of Boston can reach the stratosphere. The heated parking space is offered for sale through luxury realtor Campion and Company and is located under 201 West Brookline in Boston's upmarket Columbus neighborhood. Where once stood a community church, now stands a row of soulless condos with parking spaces that apparently are worth more than a McLaren 765LT or a Rolls-Royce Dawn.

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According to the Boston Herald, the parking space, which is accessible from Warren Avenue through a car elevator, forms part of a luxury condo building that includes a 3,804-square-foot penthouse that recently sold for around $6.3 million. The penthouse comes with its own two parking spots. This is in stark contrast with the $25 yearly parking permit South End residents can apply for if they can show proof of residency. "It's clear that Boston is becoming unaffordable for everyone," city councilor Michelle Wu told the Herald.

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Source Credits: Boston Herald

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