This Bugatti Chiron Craigslist Ad Is Either A Scam Or The Best Deal Ever

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If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

As we learned only days ago, Bugatti Chiron production is underway, just less than a year following its 2016 Geneva Motor Show debut. Twelve Chirons are currently being hand-assembled at Bugatti's headquarters in Molsheim, with customer deliveries expected in a couple months' time. The base price for each Chiron? Roughly $2.5 million. But this Los Angeles (Calabasas, specifically) Craigslist ad for a new Chiron is either the greatest bargain of, like, all time, or a total scam.

The seller claims to have purchased two Chirons from a dealership in Miami last month, and after just two weeks of ownership and 8 miles on the clock, they're selling one for $1,244,000 - $1,256,000 less than that base price. Something stinks. Of course the seller states "only serious inquires" and will "provide more information if interested." Needless to say we're interested (despite not having the dough to buy it), so we reached out to the guy. We have a few questions, obviously (like why does he have a Mississippi landline area code if he's in LA)? The ad was posted 11 days ago and has yet to be red flagged, if that's indeed what should happen.

For what it's worth, this particular Chiron is described as having a two-tone exterior with a blue and black interior, so at least this matches what's shown in the provided photos. One last thing: There are two different list prices. At the top of the page it's written "$1222000" while the description below is "1,244,000." They forgot the dollar sign in the latter.


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