This Bugatti Chiron Is Already On Sale Just After Having Been Delivered

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Some people are willing to pay top dollar to bypass the Chiron's three year waiting list.

We're not saying that supercar owners are cheap, but the fact that many of these cars are only in the hands of a new owner for a few months and a thousand or so miles before being flipped onto the market makes it seem like many buyers only care about each vehicle as an investment-a far cry from owners who treat their rides like partners for a chapter in their lives. One possible example of this treatment could be the reason why this Bugatti Chiron went on sale courtesy of Romans International.

Of course there are other circumstances that could have forced the owner to sell-bankruptcy, an angry spouse, etc-but whatever the reason, this Chiron is already changing hands less than a year out the factory. At least whoever buys it is in for a treat. Painted in a lovely shade of Nocturne Black, it's believed that this Chiron is the first example of Bugatti's newest hypercar to make landfall in the UK. Fortunately it only has one previous owner who took good care of it, even opting to seal the paint with Bugatti's warranty-covered Full Paint Protection Film. This Chiron also boasts a fairly extensive array of factory-installed options like the £15,960 ($21,059) Carbon Fiber Sports Seats and £53,226 ($70,231) Leather and Carbon Fiber Interior.

Combined, these two choices alone could cover the cost of multiple sports cars. Price isn't listed, but even with only 1,330 miles on the clock we can expect this Chiron to sell for upwards of $3 million, about half a million more than the base car costs when purchased from the manufacturer (no one who can afford a Chiron would opt for a "base" model). So is the price worth it? Definitely, and we're not just saying that as fans of the exotic 1,500 horsepower quad-turbo W16 engine. It's because the Chiron's current waiting list is three years long, and for wealthy drivers who're making a last minute decision to jump into the pool of Chiron ownership, bypassing the line is well worth the price.

Check out this gorgeous creation up close thanks to Romans' videographers who are just as keen on selling the car as its owner.

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