This Bugatti Veyron Was Converted To RWD Because Why The Hell Not

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Yes, massive donuts are involved.

Last week the folks at Las Vegas-based Royalty Exotic Cars showed us how complicated and time consuming it is to perform a basic oil change on a Bugatti Veyron. The reason they chose to do the task in-house instead of taking heading to a Bugatti dealership was to avoid a $20,000 oil and fluid change bill.

Totally understandable, and the whole process is yet another reminder for anyone considering buying/investing in a Veyron regarding high ownership prices. But as it turns out, that Veyron wasn't the only one of its kind in the exclusive rental car company's garage. Royalty Exotic Cars CEO Houston Crosta figured it was mighty time to perform a rear-wheel-drive conversion on his personal Veyron for the simple reason that it has yet to be done.

But wait a minute? Didn't Bugatti design and engineer the Veyron to be an all-wheel drive hypercar for a reason? After all, it has over 1,000 hp that needs to be distributed to the wheels, so now send it to all four? Because, in Crosta's exact wording, the Veyron is "slow." The AWD system certainly adds extra weight and he makes an excellent point saying a McLaren 720S will beat the Veyron in a drag race.

As is, Crosta's Veyron weighs 4,320 lbs, but who needs the traction AWD affords? Live a little. Of course, to successfully complete the conversion without ruining the car, a task that requires the removal of the front differential and driveshafts, Crosta turns to his trusted and experienced mechanic, Jesse. To reach both of those components, the rotors, calipers, and front wheels all require removal. Funnily enough, the RWD conversion was easier to do than that oil change, as this video shows. Upon completion and a brief test drive, Crosta proceeds to do some donuts. Was this RWD conversion a waste of a perfectly good Veyron, or was it simply a way to make something great even better?

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