This C8 Corvette Has Seen Better Days, And We Need Answers

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This isn't the first C8 to crash, and it certainly won't be the last.

The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 has only just started reaching customers' hands, so it's not surprising that there haven't been any confirmed customer car crashes - at least to our knowledge.

It's entirely possible we're looking at the first, however; a couple of photos of a white C8 Corvette riding on a flatbed trailer with some gnarly-looking cosmetic damage appeared on Instagram. Holes have been worn completely through the composite bodywork at multiple spots, and the wheels on that side of the car are badly gouged. On the rear driver's side wheel, one of the spokes even seems to be completely severed at one point.

But as Corvette Blogger notes, there is some evidence that this is (thankfully) a member of GM's fleet and not a private owner car. There's no license plate installed to verify that, but the wheel center caps are missing, much as they might be on a prototype, and modern.muscle365 appears to be based around Detroit, Michigan - GM's hometown. Plus, the rear wheel gap looks quite large, which could point to a prototype wheel/tire setup or suspension.

The sight of a wrecked C8 Corvette is a sad one regardless of whether it's part of GM's fleet, mind you, but it's significantly more tragic if it's a customer car.
Front View Open Top Chevrolet
Side View Chevrolet
Side View Chevrolet

These crashed C8 photos do give us an opportunity to see how the sports car's composite body takes damage. Like every preceding Chevrolet Corvette generation, the new mid-engine iteration uses a strong, lightweight composite material for its body panels, helping to keep the curb weight low for optimal performance.

This C8 is not the first example to have crashed, however; back in August, an Elkhart Lake Blue prototype wrecked on some twisty mountain roads in California. Where this recent crash appears primarily cosmetic in nature, that earlier one looked far more harrowing, leaving the entire front left quarter of the car all but demolished.

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Rear View Driving Chevrolet
Rear View Driving Chevrolet
Source Credits: CorvetteBlogger

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