This Cadillac ATS Shooting Brake is an Outright Tease

Unfortunately, Cadillac will never build this.

Not everyone likes shooting brakes. Or perhaps they just don’t appreciate them. They may come across as nothing more than a sleek station wagon, but those who get it just get it. For example, many couldn’t stand (and still can’t) the Ferrari FF when it debuted. Shooting brake fans were instantly thrilled. Why? Because you can put stuff in the back and drive fast all at once. And not just "stuff" as in a couple of small bags, but more like bikes and other gear for a long weekend getaway.

Shooting brakes can provide the best of both worlds without having to sacrifice utility for driving fun. So when Theophilus Chin created this rendering of a Cadillac ATS Shooting Brake, it immediately had our attention. It’s pretty much the ATS Coupe with an extended roof and liftgate. Give this thing the right engine and you’ve got a winner...for the shooting brake fan minority, at least.

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