This Cameraman Got Rare Access To A Garage Stashed With 20 Hypercars

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This isn't a garage, it's a bank vault full of hopes and dreams.

Us peasants have always been obsessed with the extravagant lives of the overly rich. Many times the infatuation comes from either envy or distain for spending money on material objects when so many people on this planet suffer because of a lack of money. Whatever the case, wealth, whether attained by righteous or questionable means, is what got these two very lucky supercar owners the trackside garage of our dreams. In total, the garage houses 20 of the hottest hypercars currently out.

This trackside stable essentially doubles as a bank vault that houses millions of dollars worth of the world's fastest, rarest, and most expensive hypercars.

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Nothing is left on the wish list here because every dream machine from the past and present is in attendance. According to the YouTube description, this dream car collection is actually two dream car collections from two different owners. Moreover, these are just the vehicles that each owner decided to bring to the race track that day and doesn't include the collectors cars and luxury transporters that each owner likely owns as well. More impressive is the fact that one of these wealthy enthusiasts buys two of every car (with the obvious exception of one-offs) just in case things go south on the track. For the sake of our hearts and the short supply of McLarens, Ferraris, Porsches, and Bugattis, let's hope things don't.

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