This Camper Has A Full Bathroom, Sleeps Six, And Still Fits In A Truck Bed

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It's a master class in miniaturization.

Generally speaking, there are two types of camping enthusiasts in this world: tent campers, and those who prefer campers or motorhomes. Apart from tent camping's basic, no-frills, rustic appeal, the benefit is that one can pack light, bringing along only small, lightweight basics that can fit into the average car trunk.

Nowadays, that might not be a compromise that those who prefer campers have to make anymore, thanks to small, lightweight campers that fit into a pickup bed, and still offer all the comforts and conveniences of a traditional unit - lightweight campers like the all-new Scout Kenai, which just might be the last word in compact, feature-rich truck bed campers.

Scout Truck Campers Scout Truck Campers Scout Truck Campers

Like Mary Poppins's magical bottomless handbag, the Scout Kenai fits more stuff into a small space than should be possible. A full bathroom is available as an option, with a 360-degree shower positioned in the entrance, and a choice of either a stowable cassette toilet or a 2.6-gallon portable toilet mounted at the rear of the camper. It can sleep from four to six people in total, thanks to a bed in the dining area, one in the shallow portion that extends over the roof of the truck cab, and one in the optional pop-up tent atop the unit.

Some of the other optional features are just as impressive: a 4.5k BTU fireplace, Rhino Rack Batwing 270-degree awning, 75-liter combination fridge/freezer, portable indoor/outdoor gas cooktop, and more. Standard features include a 160W solar panel, a lithium power station, wardrobe, fire extinguisher, and 10,000 gallons of water-filtering capacity.

Scout Truck Campers Scout Truck Campers Scout Truck Campers Scout Truck Campers

Thanks to its aluminum housing, even with all of that kit, Scout's most well-equipped camper ever has a base dry weight of just 1,370 pounds, and it's small enough to fit the typical pickup truck bed. It's the perfect accessory for your brand new 2021 Ford F-150 - although with a $23,625 starting price, it'll cost you nearly as much as the base truck.

Scout Truck Campers Scout Truck Campers Scout Truck Campers Scout Truck Campers

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