This Car Does Reverse Donuts To Boot Its Driver Out

An angry California car demands a new driver.

Before you freak out, no it is not Skynet coming to takeover the planet, and no it is not the T-800 coming with its Austrian accent toterminate. The Honda emblem should have tipped you off. Really what happened isquite extraordinary, as somehow the car got simultaneously stuck in reverse andthe throttle position stayed down. It’s a “mysterious” occurrence, sure. Eitherthat, or this car’s driver was a moron and it threw them out in a mad panic andused reverse to scream for death.

Sadly we’re not sure if it got its wish, as the fact that it was towed is only so informative. Certainly this gives a lot of credence to the argument in favor of manual transmissions. Luckily a kindly man got the incident on video.

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