This Car Is The Closest Thing To A BMW M8 There Has Ever Been


But that'll soon change.

The BMW 8 Series will soon be making its big return, only this time the first ever M8 will also happen. That’s obviously great news, but we happen to be huge fans of the original 8 Series, which was in production from 1989 until 1999. Every single one of the 31,000 or so examples are still in demand today, but there’s always a standout even among them. That would be the 850CSi, profiled here in this latest Petrolicious video. The 850Csi, revealed in 1992, was originally supposed to be the M8, which didn’t end up happening.

Fortunately, BMW engineers had already prepped things for the M8, and then simply transferred that knowledge over to this trim. Power comes from a 5.6-liter V12 with 380 hp (essentially a couple of straight-sixes bolted together), which still has that M badge stamped on to it, and paired to a six-speed manual.

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A variation of this V12 would later find its way to the iconic McLaren F1. The entire 8 Series lineup was considered, during its era, to be some of the finest luxury GT cars on the market. Today, they still gather crowds just about wherever their owners go. Taylor Patterson is the proud owner of this 850CSi, and, yes, it is his daily driver. A car like this doesn’t deserve to be locked up in some garage, temperature controlled or not. That reborn 8 Series will come soon enough, but before that happens a look back at the original is required.