This Car Thief Left The Most Valuable Thing Behind


Just further proof criminals aren't the smartest.

Car thieves come from all backgrounds and ethnicities, but we doubt any of them are as stupid, or perhaps unlucky, as this one from Seattle, Washington. According to the New York Daily News, a Seattle couple, who have chosen to remain anonymous, claim that a thief who broke into their car left something extremely valuable behind: a winning lottery ticket worth $1 million. In fact, the couple didn't even know at the time the ticket was worth anything. They lost the $350 million jackpot on February 11, but didn't check the value of their ticket until May 14.

All the thief took was a pair of sunglasses which, ironically enough, had been sitting on top of the winning ticket. "What a close call!" the couple said to lottery officials. The lucky couple is planning on taking a few vacations and finally get around to some home maintenance. The thief? Well, he's got a used pair of sunglasses.

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