This Car Was Sliced In Half And Miraculously The Driver Survived

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Sometimes there are no words.

Typically severe car crashes like this one don't end well. Lives are lost and families are shattered. Not this time. The drivers of both vehicles involved in this severe head-on crash have only minor and moderate injuries. According to The Press Democrat, a particularly dangerous stretch of California's Highway 101 was the site of this collision, which happened at around 8 am last Saturday morning. Tom Bond, a former US Air Force ambulance driver, was a witness and managed to film the aftermath you're about to see.

"It was just unbelievable," Bond stated. "I was shaken. I mean, my family is still shaken. I drive that stretch every single day. It is so dangerous. According to CHP, Apol Lansang of Sonoma, California, was driving her Chevrolet Impala southbound when she was struck head-on by a Toyota Sequoia driven by Kevin Fenty of Huntington Beach.

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Apparently, the Sequoia drifted across the highway into the opposite lane. The resulting impact sliced the Impala down the middle. The entire passenger side was thrown onto the embankment, while Lansang remained buckled in the driver's seat. Fenty, however, was ejected from his vehicle upon impact. "The scene was, it was pretty intense," said CHP Sgt. Jason Bahlman. "It was definitely one of the most severely damaged cars I've ever seen." The cause of the crash is still being investigated, and drugs are considered to be a factor.

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