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This Castle Houses One of the Most Glorious Italian Car Collections

It's anything but a barn find.

There’s a 15th century castle in Modena, Italy, called Castello di Panzano Castelfranco Emilia and it's no ordinary old castle. It’s the home of a one-of-a-kind car collection called the Collezione Righini. As you may expect, this collection is full of rare Italian born and bred sports cars including several famous Alfa Romeos, Lancias, and Ferraris. Specifically, there’s a Lancia Stratos, and several important Formula 1 cars.

There's even the very first car Enzo Ferrari built after he left Alfa Romeo way back in 1937, the Auto Avio Costruzioni Type 815. This isn’t some public museum; it’s a private collection that’s truly unlike anything else in Italy or the rest of the world.

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