This Caterham Seven Superlight Twenty Limited Edition Won't Break The Bank


Only 20 of these will ever be built.

In celebrationof the 20th anniversary of the Caterham Superlight, Caterham’s doingwhat any other automaker would do: putting a limited edition model intoproduction. The special edition Seven Superlight Twenty is going to be revealedat this weekend’s Goodwood Revival. Unlike other ridiculously priced specialeditions, the Superlight Twenty will only set you back by $46,285. That’s cheapfor a special edition, right? There's no word on whether the special edition will make it to the US.

The SuperlightTwenty focuses on its lightweight design and nimbleness, just like the originalvehicle. The special edition relies on a 1.6-liter Ford Sigma engine for powerthat makes 135 hp and is paired to a 6-speed close ratio gearbox. There’s alsoa limited slip differential, lightweight flywheel and a sport suspension pack. Justlike the original, the Superlight Twenty is finished in bare aluminum, whichkeeps the vehicle’s weight down to an unbelievable 1,098 lbs. The bodywork alsohas a large amount of carbon fiber parts that include the nose and aero screen,cycle wings and rear wings. With all of this, the lightweight vehicle can get to 60 mph in 4.9 seconds and onto a top speed of 122 mph.

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Other uniquetouches on the Superlight Twenty include distinct gauges, a numbered dashplaque, as well as a key and gear knob with the “Superlight Twenty” design. The limitededition model also includes specially-embroidered carbon sports seats, carboninterior panels and a titanium colored chassis. The only options available forthe Superlight Twenty are paint colors, a heater and weather equipment. Accordingto Caterham Cars CEO Graham Macdonald, “those unable to buy one first timearound now have the opportunity to snap up one of a limited run of vehicles—it’snot an exact replica of the original but its most definitely cut from the sameclot and we know customer will love it for all the same reasons.”