This Celebrity Just Had Her AMG Mercedes Stolen At A Gas Station


The way this theft happened will leave you scratching your head.

Georgia NBC affiliate 11alive reports that Dana Owens, better known as Queen Latifah, recently fell victim to a car jacker in Fulton County Georgia. On December 20th, Latifah's 2015 Mercedes-AMG S63 was stolen at a Shell gas station. The car was being driven by her security guard, Keith Sheppard. While pumping gas, Sheppard saw a BMW pull in. As he was going to remove the pump from the Mercedes its ignition was started and the thief drove away. Latifah was not present during the theft. Authorities used the car's tracking system to locate it.


It was found at a local apartment complex, recovered and impounded. A security guard at the complex said he saw three males driving the stolen Mercedes before leaving in a white BMW and Dodge Charger. After Latifah recovered he car she found lemonade and fruit punch bottles that did not belong to her. Obviously the thieves got thirsty while driving. Latifah is currently in Georgia filming the show "Star," a drama about a singing trio in Atlanta. On the day her car was stolen five other car thefts were reported in Fulton County. The Mercedes may be a few years old but it's still easily worth around $100,000. We would be extremely angry if anyone stole our car, especially one that costs six figures.

This is not the first time that we have seen a celebrity caught up with car thieves. Fulton County may have a problem with car thieves, but California is still the worst place for car thefts in the country. Hopefully Queen Latifah doesn't take her AMG to the Golden State next time she's out there for work.

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