This Chaotic Renault Clio Cup Crash Looks Like A Scene Out Of NASCAR

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NASCAR isn't the only motorsport where spectacular crashes are a common sight.

Let's face it, lots of people watch NASCAR in the hope of seeing the race descend into chaos. The sport has seen some spectacular multi-car pileups over the years that get the crowds cheering, but across the pond in the UK there are motorsport disciplines that often feature comparable scenes of carnage. Take the Renault Clio Cup, for example. Racing hatchbacks that are a common sight on the road may not sound very exciting, but the racing is close, compelling, and chaotic.

It's not uncommon for the cars to trade paint with each other, but a recent race in Donington lasted less than 30 seconds before mass carnage ensued. Drivers Paul Rivett, Lee Pattison and Shayne Deegan were leading the pack, but came into contact in the exit of the first corner during the first lap, causing all three cars to lose control.

Two cars spin off the track onto the grass out of harm's way, but one car veers into the path of the oncoming racers. The race then descends into utter chaos. One car slams into the stalled Clio head-on, others take avoiding action but end up ploughing into the wall, and one ends up rolling over several times, tumbling down the track. It's a testament to the rigidity of the car that it didn't sustain serious damage, preventing the driver from suffering any serious injuries.

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