This Charity Teaches Wounded Veterans How To Drift Like Pros

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Mission Motorsport is a charity devoted to helping wounded veterans recover from their injuries. It can be difficult for injured soldiers to integrate back into society and what better way to do this than to teach them the most therapeutic technique known to car enthusiasts: drifting. Mission Motorsports gives wounded veterans the chance to race, fix, and design liveries for cars to help get them back into the civilian world. Vets are taught important driving skills despite any injuries that they may have.

Thanks to Carfection we get to see private Lionel O'Connor, who only has the use of one leg, drift. He is the leader of Mission Motorsport's stunt team, and uses his MX-5 to show that he can drift using a walking stick to push the clutch. His injury won't slow him down and he has drifting skills most able-bodied people can only dream of.

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Mission Motorsports has access to a bunch of cool cars including, BMWs, Mazdas, and go-karts. A Jaguar F-Type was also brought along for the guys to play around in. We love hearing about cool charities like this, and we're happy to see wounded soldiers get back into the world through motorsport.

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