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This Cheaper Audi E-Tron Suffers A Hit In Horsepower


Will the new E-Tron 50 make its way to America?

There's a lot to like – love, even – about the Audi E-Tron. The $75k starting sticker price, however, may not be for everyone. Fortunately Ingolstadt is rolling out a more cost-effective version. We just down know how much cheaper it'll be, or whether it'll make the transatlantic journey to these shores.

Joining the existing E-Tron 55, the new E-Tron 50 takes a hit in output in order to broaden its availability to a (relatively) wider audience. So where the 55 model packs 402 horsepower, the new 50 version makes do with only 308.

It also gets a smaller battery pack, providing 71 kWh instead of the more potent version's 95 kWh. So it'll travel for only 186 miles on a charge (on the WLTP cycle) instead of 259 (or 204 miles by EPA estimates). And it takes 7.0 seconds to reach 62 mph instead of the 55's 5.7 (on overboost, or 6.6 without), topping out at 118 mph (instead of 124).

Although it can only rapid-charge at 120kW (not the 55's 150), the smaller battery pack means it still takes the same 30 minutes to top up to 80 percent.

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Otherwise it's essentially the same vehicle as the one we know, right down to its all-wheel traction. And aside from the (as yet undisclosed) lower price position, it's also lighter, which results in lower rolling resistance.

The E-Tron 50 will be produced alongside the existing 55 model at Audi's plant in Brussels, and will reach the UK early next year. The question is whether Audi will see the value in bringing the cheaper, less potent version to America, where commuting distances are longer and customers typically expect more power from their imported luxury vehicles than their European counterparts do.