This Automaker Was Just Screwed By The US Government

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The trade climate is just too tense right now.

Chinese automakers such as Guangzhou Automotive Company (GAC) have expressed interest in entering the US market, but recent trade tensions have caused major hiccups. GAC is one of the Chinese automakers that is closest to arriving in the US after appearing at the Detroit Auto Show for the past two years. The brand was initially expected to arrive in 2019 with its GA8 sedan, GS8 crossover, and an electric model with a whopping 370-mile range, but according to CNBC, GAC has been forced to delay its US plans until 2020 due to trade tensions.

"The current relationship between the US and China, the trade war, the relationship is uncertain," said Hebin Zeng, president of international at GAC Motor. "We postponed the plan to enter the North American market." Zeng didn't say how GAC's plans have been pushed back, but mentioned: "in terms of when we will go into the market, we will have further discussions depending on the changes of circumstances."

This is a major blow for an automaker that seemed on track to enter the US market on schedule. So far, no Chinese automaker has been able to break into the US unless you count Geely, the parent company of Volvo.

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Geely has also expressed interest in selling its Lynk & CO brand in the US, and the Chinese brands Great Wall Motor Company and Zotye Automobile Company have also announced plans to sell cars here. The Chinese automaker that's gotten closest to selling a car in the US appears to be Qiantu, who, with the help of American company Mullen, will offer an electric sports car called the K50 in 2020. If trade tensions continue between the US and China, it may be several more years before we see a Chinese car on US roads.

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