This Chinese EV Can Apparently Outrun The Model X, Bentayga And 488


OK, now we're excited to see what Faraday Future is bringing to CES.

Chinese electric car company Faraday Future is betting a lot on the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES). That's where the upstart automaker will debut its new EV, which according to this trailer can beat the Bentley Bentayga, Ferrari 488 GTB and Tesla Model X in a drag race. The company released a short teaser clip of its boxy crossover thing running wild out on a sunny drag strip. Aside from creating a cool headline, we're a bit confused as to why Faraday Future decided to race its EV against these three cars.

The three cars don't have much in common. The Bentayga is an SUV that runs on gas and diesel. The 488 is a supercar. The Model X is an electric vehicle and this new model's main competition. It's really the only car with any reason to be here.

Faraday Future would be wise to release a longer video showing these races in full as the recent news surrounding the company hasn't been good. Last month Bloomberg reported that LeEco, the massive Chinese holding company behind Faraday Future, was short on cash after overextending itself with a multitude of new ventures, including Faraday Future. Then Business Insider broke the news that the automaker had stopped work on its $1 billion plant in Nevada. To say that CES will make or break the automaker is perhaps an understatement. If all else fails the company can at least say that it built an EV capable of running down the Bentayga, 488 and Model X (we assume). Glass half full.

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