This Chinese Knock-Off Pagani Huayra Only Has Four Horsepower

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This may be the weirdest Chinese fake we've seen.

China is a rapidly growing market for cars, and manufacturers have been catering to it by creating special models that are only sold there. Even Pagani built a limited edition Huayra called the Dinastia edition, which was only available for three well-off Chinese customers. But we happen to know that China is a bit more famous for the cars that manufacturers don't approve of. China has a big problem with companies that build blatant copies of other manufacturer's cars. Car News China has just showed the latest knock-off, a Pagani Hyuayra.

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattering, but we guess that the automakers who get ripped off by imitators aren't that flattered because they usually end up suing. Although, this knock-off Hyuara is absolutely nothing like the original. For starters, the car is simply called "Supercar," and it is an all-electric two-seater with no roof or trunk. The front looks very much like a Hyuara (minus the working aero) and the rear looks similar but with fake exhausts where the taillights would be. What is really funny about the Supercar is that it is actually what is called a LSEV (low-speed electric vehicle).

LSEVs come in all shapes and sizes, from tiny two-seaters, to seven-seat taxis. In fact, they remind us a lot of a Japanese Kei cars. The Supercar only has four hp and can barely hit 25 MPH. At least the car is light, at only 440 pounds and can travel about 62 miles on a charge. There is a more powerful version if you feel the itch for more speed, but it still only makes 10 hp. The Supercar was created by 26-year old Liu Shengqi, of Jilin Province. Shengqi wanted to build a sports car for young people and at $7,200, the Supercar is pretty affordable transport. As long as a roof, trunk or speed aren't necessities, the Supercar is not so bad.

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