This Chinese Pickup Might Be The Unsafest Vehicle On The Planet

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It falls to pieces after a 40-mph impact.

Things can get a little wild in South Africa sometimes, but the country is also home to some pretty cool cars. One such vehicle is the Ford Ranger, but sadly, not everyone can afford these, and thanks to poor legislation, some pretty dangerous alternatives have been allowed into the country to take advantage of those with low budgets.

One such vehicle is the Steed 5 from Great Wall Motors, and it's clearly not acceptable for use on public roads, as the zero-star NCAP rating and below video prove. In 2020, it's shocking that cars can still be bought and sold without airbags or even anti-lock brakes, but the problems for this pickup run even deeper.

Great Wall Motors Great Wall Motors

Features like a suite of airbags and an ABS system are commonplace on even the cheapest cars in America and Europe, but as worrying as it is that these things are absent from GWM's Steed 5 pickup, the construction of the vehicle is pretty hopeless too. The crash above was performed at just 40 mph, yet the driver dummy's head hits the steering wheel even with the seatbelt fastened. Global NCAP says that post-crash analysis revealed a deformation in the passenger compartment and movement of the steering wheel. As a result, the ratings agency "questions if an airbag would [even] be able to prevent serious injuries to the driver."

Global NCAP Global NCAP Global NCAP

This isn't the only offender either, as the Suzuki S-Presso - another cheap car sold in South Africa - also returned a zero-star crash rating recently. This car sells for around $5,000, which is next to nothing for a new car, but that doesn't justify its lack of safety features. By comparison, the GWM Steed in the above test costs a little over $13,000. If anyone from South Africa is considering buying this cheap pickup, we recommend at least opting for the SX model with its dual airbags and ABS with electronic brakeforce distribution or the recently launched Safety Version that also includes these rudimentary safety systems.

Global NCAP Global NCAP

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